Innuos ZENmini MK3 and LPSU Black on a desk


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    Innuos music streamers and servers are designed in the UK and run on InnuOS 2.0, an intuitive and award-winning operating system. Combined with the Sense app, you will have your music library organized and playing in no time flat.

    Imagine one place to browse, play and manage your entire music library. InnuOS 2.0 is sleek and responsive, allowing you to immerse yourself in what matters most, your music.

    Sense offers an integrated way to browse all your music, combining your music library, Internet radio, and streaming services. Fully capable of exploring your music library and allowing you to discover related artists, albums, and the ability to see albums of the same artist while searching a specific track/album.

    Simple, intuitive app

    InnuOS operating system and servers are optimized and configured from the ground up for the perfect balance of simplicity and performance. Control your music library from the comfort of your smartphone or tablet – no computer required.

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