AE Reference Speaker Stands

AE Reference Speaker Stands - Tweeters
AE Reference Speaker Stands - Tweeters
AE Reference Speaker Stands - Tweeters
AE Reference Speaker Stands - Tweeters

AE Reference Speaker Stands

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The AE Reference speaker stands have been milled from high density MDF and finished with a bevel edge. The high gloss front plate is available in Black, White or real wood Walnut veneer and is the perfect compliment to Acoustic Energy or any other high end bookshelf speaker. A flat real wood Walnut veneer trim is also available and is the perfect touch to offset black speakers of all brands.


As Acoustic Energy’s first own-design loudspeaker stand in fifteen years, the Reference Stand has been a long time in the making. Rather than just an aesthetic match to the range of Acoustic Energy speakers, the Reference Stand is a true performance product in its own right.

Most speaker stands fall into one of two camps – stiff and light, giving a speaker life and “bounce” while sometimes losing out a little in outright bass weight – or mass-heavy, giving solid and powerful bass while sometimes ringing or robbing a speaker of life in the higher frequencies.

The Reference Stand is different, and better. It offers the best of both worlds, while relatively heavy, they are mass-light compared to metal stands and ensure speakers retain an upbeat and lively nature. Included with the stand are isolating speaker support pads, offering a perfect performance coupling between speaker and top-plate and floor spikes.

Technical Specifications

Dimensions: 650 x 235 x 300mm (HxWxD, maximum dimension of base plate/column stated)
Top plate dimensions: 144 x 209mm (WxD)
Weight: 7.5kg (17lbs per stand)
Finish: Central front plate available in gloss walnut ,piano black, piano white, flat walnut

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