Innuos ZEN Mk3 Server

Innuos ZEN Mk3 Server - Tweeters
Innuos ZEN Mk3 Server - Tweeters
Innuos ZEN Mk3 Server - Tweeters
Innuos ZEN Mk3 Server - Tweeters
Innuos ZEN Mk3 Server - Tweeters

Innuos ZEN Mk3 Server

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Innuos ZEN Mk3 server ensures a cleaner digital signal by reducing power noise. Designed by Dr. Sean Jacobs, the ultra-low noise design includes a dual-linear power supply using Nichicon MUSE capacitors and a medical-grade AC filter that reveals new levels of realism and opens your music up.

Custom Motherboard

Innuos has introduced a custom-made and completely reworked motherboard that has been optimized for audio performance. Internal clock performance was improved, and the primary source of EMI was removed, resulting in enhanced realism and “blacker” music background.

Ultra-Low Noise

Dual-ethernet ports and isolation transformers remove noise from the signal path and provide an ultra low noise network connection for your streamer, improving sound quality on all networked audio.

Reduced Vibration

Vibration is controlled using new asymmetrical isolation feet derived from the award-winning Zenith SE plus. Chassis treatment further helps to combat harmful vibrations that affect a clean audio signal.

Double The Memory

With twice the memory of a Zen Mk2 model, the Zen MK3 has 8GB RAM with up to 4GB of dedicated memory. Music is loaded directly to memory for playback, bypassing the hard drive and improving sound quality beyond anything in its class.

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