Ophidian Mojo 2

Ophidian Mojo 2

Ophidian Mojo 2

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Ophidian Mojo 2 are designed as small room speakers. Manufactured in England, they feature a dual-driver layout for wider bandwidth than the conventional designs of its compact competitors, and magnetic grills are included.

Handcrafted near Liverpool, the novel design, real wood veneer cabinets, and high-quality components combine to create a luxurious speaker with true audiophile performance.

The port section uses AEROFLEX technology that enables this compact speaker to produce deeper and more controlled bass notes than its size would suggest by reducing port velocity and ensuring the mid-bass unit is properly supported throughout its stroke.

The Aeroflex design is incorporated into the cabinet structure, enhancing rigidity and reducing vibration.

The symmetrical driver layouts of each pair allow the tweeters to be placed either in or out, providing flexibility in room placement and fine-tuning of the stereo image.

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